Anna-Nektaria Charfofyli was born in Athens in 1978,

She has lived in London and Athens.

She studied at the University of Greenwich BA (hons) and graduated in Athens from the NTUA in 2005.

She has worked in architectural offices and construction companies as a student and later as an architect at the architectural studio “Path Architecture”. In 2007 she moved to Barcelona for postgraduate studies MArch Biodigital Architecture at the U.I.C. (Escuéla Superior de Arquitectura).

For a period of time she worked on experimentation in parametric design based on the study of plant growth in relation to digital representation and digital design in architecture. An object she entered at the University of Patras where she worked for one year as an adjacent professor.

Since then, she has been working mainly in the Dodecanese, based in Athens and Nisyros, mainly in restoration, landscaping, interior design, public space design and public buildings, as much as on a drawing level, as well on the construction and supervision level.

Anna Chartofyli, Architect, Nisiros

2008 Master in Biodigital Architecture, in the ESARQ of the Universitat Internacional
2005 Graduation from the School of Architecture of the National Technical
2000 BA (HONS) Architecture, University of Greenwich


Work Experience


November 2011-present Free-lance architect, projects in Athens and the Dodecanese, Nisyros, Rhodes, Kos, Patmos. Renovations of traditional buildings, interior design of shops, restaurants, hotels, kindergartens, construction permit, construction and supervision of construction sites, detailed application design, landscaping, restoration of public space, urban planning.
June 2010- September 2011 Partner in the “±6 architects creative crew”. Participation in the contest “Athens x 4”, proposal for two stores and a house in a traditional settlement of the island  Nissyros Dodecanese, design and supervision for the renovation of an apartments in the center of Athens.
April 2010 Co-founder of the NGO Architects without Borders Hellas.
January 2010 Participation in the International Competition “European Capital of Culture / Drava River 2012”.
Sept. 2009- June 2010 Working as an adjacent professor at the School of Architecture of the University of

Patras, Greece. Architectural Design 3rd year, 2nd year, Digital Representations 1st year, Workshops for Rhinoceros 4.0 and models 3D printing.

January 2009-March 2009 Participation in the International Competitions  “Arquine Faro de Satélite”, “The Art Fund Pavilion”. Work as a volunteer with the NGO “Arquitectos Sin Fronteras” Catalunya.
May 2007 Participation in the Biennale of Art in Thessalonica, in collaboration with the artist Nikos Charalampidis. “The Rambling Museum: The Arab Guggenheim Museum”.
May 2007 “Pandaisia Delicatessen and food”, design of façade and interior design.
Jan. 2006 –
Aug. 2007
 Design and construction of a traditional dwelling in Nisyros, Dodecanese, Greece.
Feb. 2006 –
May 2007
Full-time employment in the architectural firm “PathArchitecture”.  Interior designing of housings, restoration of a preserved neoclassical building in Piraeus, with the extension of two floors for housing. Interior designing of block of offices in Rafina, Attica, restoration of a department store FFokas in Heraklion Crete.


Sept. 2004 Collaboration with the architectural firms “An. Noukakis & Associates Architects” and “12 Architects” for the first phase of the international competition Martyr’s Square and the Grand Axis of Beirut.


Aug. 2004 Participation in the Design Team for the Opening Ceremony of the Olympic Games of Athens. Participation in the sports of mountain cycling and the Marathon, also in the Parolympics.


Feb. 2002-

July 2002

Full-time employment in the technical firm «Domotechniki Exemplary/Model projects».Working with imprinting, urban planning, detail drawing.


Oct. 2000-

Sept. 2001

Full-time employment in the architectural firm “S. Koukis & Associates”.  Designing the landscape of hotel units.